Technical Guide – All About Making Custom Packaging Options Fruitful

Technical Guide – All About Making Custom Packaging Options Fruitful

It is assumed that creating packaging that inspires is just a herculean task. However, the current time faces astonishing advancements in the technological and mechanical fields. So it is not as much scary as it is assumed. Designing packaging is not only about incorporating the brand colors and logos together on a box.  It’s all about telling a brand journey to the customer. Such a type of design is capable of creating the overall esthetic of a brand. And all these things empower the packaging design, but in actuality, it empowers the brand image. It means the design is all about delivering brand image through artwork. 

Moreover, 2D and 3D printing is getting popular for product packaging. These sort of designing skills endow a mesmerizing overlook to the packaging design. 

The point you should follow when designing custom packaging

Here are few details that assist you in selecting what type of packaging you need for your products. And in order to do so, you are required to discover all the choices and other dimensions of custom boxes. There are few points that are really considered before selecting the packaging design.

  • Size of your product
  • The functionality of the packaging product
  • Present value of the packaging
  • The cost that you have to bear.

So, just assuming the cost-efficiency of the packaging or depending on a single factor is not a wise decision. The best-customized packaging is one that is created by striking a balance between the overall display and the less cost. Going further, you need to know what are types of packaging are available for you?

Types of packaging 

Here are few types of custom boxes that are widely used with the twist of designs.

  • Mailer packaging boxes

Mailer is a type of subscription box that is widely used for shipment purposes. These types of boxes are constructed with great care, and the best of the best quality material is used. Basically, the mailer boxes are designed to pack the products that will be delivered to faraway places. So, the main function of these packaging solutions must be security. For enhancing the robustness of the packaging solution corrugated flute that are available in various thicknesses. Basically, the food, electronics, books, and toys are packed inside the mailer boxes. 

  • Two-piece structure boxes in rigid material

These boxes are created in a two-piece structure one is the amazing lid, and the second is the base of the box. Because of their two-piece structure, these type of boxes is bit expensive. And if you want to add the twist of luxury in the packaging, then rigid material is used in it. Rigid two-piece boxes are widely used for the luxury products like watches, perfumes, alcohol, and mobiles. Because the nature of all these products is quite sensitive. On the other hand, these products are expensive in nature, so the packaging of such products also needs to complement the product. 

  • Folding cartons with tuck-end options

The folding cartons are basically made up of paperboard material and are mostly used for retail products. You can often observe these packaging solutions sheltering the soaps, candles, and other liked products at the retail outlets. Most of the time to present the product clearly, a transparent window is pasted on the front of the folded cartons. However, the custom printed boxes that are colorful and vivid enhance the beautification of the packaging. When you display your product in colorful packaging containers, it will double the impact of your products in the mind of the customers. 

Selection of right material

Now you have a clear idea about the packaging types on behalf of their functionality. And at this stage, you are able to choose the type of packaging as per your need. After selecting the type of packaging, it is time to play with the custom options that are available for you. Out of all options, the very first thing is the material. There are three types of material for the box packaging.

  • Cardboard material that is best for creating the printed packaging for retail purposes. 
  • Corrugated material is constructed by pressing the flute sheet inside the cardboard sheets.
  • Kraft material is made from wooden pulp and is also totally eco-friendly. 

The selection of material is also a decision that depends on the usability of the packaging. So, you need to focus on the purpose that is going to be served by the material of packaging. 

The production process in detail

Now, after you choose what type of material is best for your product packaging, it is time to understand the process and steps that are required to create the custom packaging. 

Create your designed artwork

The outlook and face of the packaging are embellished with the design, colors, and details you need to select all these things with great care. Here are few factors that would enhance the display and presentation value of products. 

  • Written content and fonts

You need to design a packaging solution that would not look overloaded with information.  It means the written content and fonts matter a lot when you are going to select the design. 

  • Lines in your art

Sometimes the design of the packaging includes lines and patterns. So, use of the stokes in a particular size like for corrugated it would be 2 pt and corrugated and for paperboard 1pt in thickness. 

  • Use of proper color patterns

Adding the colors into the designs is a technical task, and color making is also a task of attention. The color is a great player in making the design impactful. Contrary to this, if the color does not match with the requirement, then the printing looks pathetic. 

  • Draw folding lines

After the printing of all the details and designs on the packaging, it is time to print the folding lines. Because mostly these sort of packaging products are ship flat to the customer and these line let them know from where they need to fold the box for assembling. 

Check-in proofing department

After you are done with creating the artwork, it is time to send the sample design for proofing. Where the proofing team check each aspect of packaging design in detail and match it with the requirements. 

Its time of tooling

The tooling department, after receiving the printing job, starts its operations of creating different plates, dies, and other stuff. This type of material is essential for printing packaging products. 

Print your artwork

Now you are ready to print the job, only one point is considerable here, and that is what type of printing technique is needed? Like there are three types of printing techniques available in the market. And you are required to choose the printing technique according to your requirement. Such technique includes the flexography, lithography and digital printing. 

Add finishing touch

Last but not least is the application of the finishing options on the custom boxes and packages. Such options make your boxes and design long-lasting and safe. However, some finishing options are used to create the packaging more alluring. Such options include matte and glossy coatings. 

Conclusion of the discussion

After reading all the discussions, you are able to understand what are the technical steps included in making custom packaging powerful.